We will create a plan for recruitment success.  This session includes personalized recruitment consulting, on-going coaching,  and admittance to one of the summer Sorority Prep Workshops.  This package also includes preparation of all the necessary recommendation information packets, recruitment registration, and tools to make sure your personal brand "stands out!" 

*Mothers are encouraged to attend.*

In a group session you will learn how to navigate the recruitment process, gain tips and tricks for success, and learn how to make yourself "stand out".  You will be totally prepped and ready for recruitment!  Space is limited for this one day workshop. Several summer sessions will be held so pick the date that works best!

Speaking Engagements

Need an expert to explain sorority recruitment to your group?  Contact Sorority Prep to book a personalized presentation today!

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**Disclaimer: No guarantee for a bid to any particular NPC group.   All work done is based on each individual client.  Personal affiliation will not be disclosed to clients, and work is conducted from a neutral position.  Sorority Prep's goal is to have clients join a sorority that best fits them through a positive recruitment experience.  




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